Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Safari photobook

Jill, Jaimie and I spun through Masai Mara and Lake Nukuru earlier this month and I will now subject you to some of our holiday photos...

These lions were just hanging out in the tall grass when we rolled by. There was a giraffe mom and child near by keeping a close watch but the lions weren't interested.

This rhino was happy to pose in front of Lake Nukuru.

Lunchtime for a full grown male

Jill and I at Nukuru, one of the few places we could get out of the safari van

Jaimie and I safely standing in the pop-top

Masai tribes people jump to impress potential mates or, in this case, tourists.


A^2 said...

nice sunset picture!

Anthony said...

Stunning post. The first photo with the lionesses gathered a "wow" immediately. Good to finally see a few pics of you man! Trip looks cooler and cooler each time. Cheers.

Nancy said...

Amazing photos b, did you guys bring lunch for that male lion, or did he catch it himself? you and jill look very nice together in africa.i love the photos, keep clicking .